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Valenfidelity: Cheating on V-Day

Valenfidelity: Cheating on V-Day

valenfidelity: private investigators

Every Valentine’s Day, private investigators see their caseload double as men and women attempt to do the impossible: juggle multiple partners without their knowledge.

To be fair, the cheater was probably cheating before February 14th, but for obvious reasons, Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to catch them in the act. If you suspect your partner is cheating, be on the lookout for these signs:

  1. Extra protective of their cell phone
  2. Suspicious phone habits or Internet use
  3. Texts or emails asking your partner’s plans for Valentine’s Day
  4. Change of work hours or travel time
  5. Changes in bathing habits, such as showering as soon as they get home
  6. Overly attentive on Valentine’s Day (or leading up to it if they are “unavailable” that day)
  7. They go out of town the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day
  8. A hidden gift previously discovered that wasn’t given to you
  9. Multiple receipts for duplicate gifts or gifts that were never received
  10. Credit card transactions for hotel rooms

So, you suspect, but where’s the proof? It is important to build your case before confronting your partner, especially if children are involved. There are many ways a private investigator can help you gain additional information:

  1. Surveillance: Hire a PI to follow your partner to confirm or deny their whereabouts. If a lie is established and another relationship is suspected, additional surveillance may be necessary to establish romanticism between your partner and the other person.
  2. Evidence gathering: Your partner’s whereabouts will be heavily documented and photographed as appropriate. Additional information may be gathered on the subjects to further assist the investigation. Investigations can range from hours to months, depending on the client’s needs.
  3. Litigation: Seeing concrete proof that your partner is cheating is not pleasant, but this evidence is crucial in the event of a divorce suit and child custody battle. Private investigators with Innovative Inquiries can serve papers and continue their investigations throughout the court proceedings.

If you are worried that your partner is cheating on Valentine’s Day (or any other day), contact the private investigators at Innovative Inquiries for assistance. Our consultations are free and we do our best to help you establish the best route to take in your situation.