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Daily Archives:January 14, 2016

About Our Blog

This blog is written to help you protect your family and workplace without breaking the bank.

The private investigators at Innovative Inquiries, LLC have more than a decade of experience serving law enforcement. We have made careers completing successful investigations for families, individuals, and companies. Private Investigators find facts and analyze information about legal and personal matters. We verify people’s background and seek the truth in an effort to protect your environment.

It is important to us to share how to better protect yourselves. We want you to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. We also want to help limit your time spent in a courtroom. The private investigators at Innovative Inquiries understand your time and money is important to you.

By following these tips, we can help you identify risks to your family or company. We are creative problem solvers who work hard to help provide you peace of mind. The importance of due diligence, especially for corporations, could mean the success or lack thereof for your company or your personal case. Background checks, research, surveillance efforts, all help to meet these demands.
For individuals, this could mean running a background check on your future spouse. For couples, this could mean proving or disproving infidelity. For families this could mean interviewing references for the nanny you are hiring. For companies this could mean a complete criminal history of potential employees. Taking these steps now will ensure fewer problems down the road.