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About Our Blog

This blog is written to help you protect your family and workplace without breaking the bank.

The private investigators at Innovative Inquiries, LLC have more than a decade of experience serving law enforcement. We have made careers completing successful investigations for families, individuals, and companies. Private Investigators find facts and analyze information about legal and personal matters. We verify people’s background and seek the truth in an effort to protect your environment.

It is important to us to share how to better protect yourselves. We want you to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. We also want to help limit your time spent in a courtroom. The private investigators at Innovative Inquiries understand your time and money is important to you.

By following these tips, we can help you identify risks to your family or company. We are creative problem solvers who work hard to help provide you peace of mind. The importance of due diligence, especially for corporations, could mean the success or lack thereof for your company or your personal case. Background checks, research, surveillance efforts, all help to meet these demands.
For individuals, this could mean running a background check on your future spouse. For couples, this could mean proving or disproving infidelity. For families this could mean interviewing references for the nanny you are hiring. For companies this could mean a complete criminal history of potential employees. Taking these steps now will ensure fewer problems down the road.


Call Us First:
Why calling a PI before a lawyer benefits you and your family

dreamstime_xxl_32516237So you’re overwhelmed, confused, and probably hurt. You know, know, what your spouse is up to, but you can’t prove it.

You’ve done all you can, but your divorce or child custody battle can’t be avoided anymore. It’s time to find an attorney, right? Well, sure. You know you’ll need one, and sooner is better to plan than later.

But what you need first is the evidence that gives you the upper hand. Contacting an attorney with unbiased proof that your spouse has been unfaithful, or that your ex is not abiding to child custody arrangements can make a tremendous difference in how your lawyer approaches and plans to present your case, opening up a number of legal avenues that are advantageous to you, and not possible otherwise.

You need a PI. Make us your first call.

Private investigators can help you make a plan. They can establish a pattern of behavior based on what you already know, dig to find facts that are unavailable anywhere else, observe firsthand, and work alongside your lawyer to put it all together and present a clear picture of your situation. Also, and perhaps most importantly, they can testify to the facts in court on your behalf.

Innovative Inquiries specializes in domestic investigations involving marital unfaithfulness, child custody agreements, and child safety. If you are facing one of these situations, we’d like to help. We offer free consultations, and work without expensive retainer fees. Please give us a call at 1-800-482-6784 to discuss your situation, in complete confidentiality.


5 Ways to Fight Fraud and Save Money

Private InvestigatorsUse Sound Hiring Practices. Recommend screening of potential employees includes criminal background checks, application verification, job history report, social network search, and interviewing references.


Valenfidelity: Cheating on V-Day

valenfidelity: private investigators

Every Valentine’s Day, private investigators see their caseload double as men and women attempt to do the impossible: juggle multiple partners without their knowledge.

To be fair, the cheater was probably cheating before February 14th, but for obvious reasons, Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to catch them in the act. If you suspect your partner is cheating, be on the lookout for these signs:

  1. Extra protective of their cell phone
  2. Suspicious phone habits or Internet use
  3. Texts or emails asking your partner’s plans for Valentine’s Day
  4. Change of work hours or travel time
  5. Changes in bathing habits, such as showering as soon as they get home
  6. Overly attentive on Valentine’s Day (or leading up to it if they are “unavailable” that day)
  7. They go out of town the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day
  8. A hidden gift previously discovered that wasn’t given to you
  9. Multiple receipts for duplicate gifts or gifts that were never received
  10. Credit card transactions for hotel rooms

So, you suspect, but where’s the proof? It is important to build your case before confronting your partner, especially if children are involved. There are many ways a private investigator can help you gain additional information:

  1. Surveillance: Hire a PI to follow your partner to confirm or deny their whereabouts. If a lie is established and another relationship is suspected, additional surveillance may be necessary to establish romanticism between your partner and the other person.
  2. Evidence gathering: Your partner’s whereabouts will be heavily documented and photographed as appropriate. Additional information may be gathered on the subjects to further assist the investigation. Investigations can range from hours to months, depending on the client’s needs.
  3. Litigation: Seeing concrete proof that your partner is cheating is not pleasant, but this evidence is crucial in the event of a divorce suit and child custody battle. Private investigators with Innovative Inquiries can serve papers and continue their investigations throughout the court proceedings.

If you are worried that your partner is cheating on Valentine’s Day (or any other day), contact the private investigators at Innovative Inquiries for assistance. Our consultations are free and we do our best to help you establish the best route to take in your situation.


5 Background Checks That Could Save Your Family


Criminal History Report: Order a criminal history and sex offender report on neighbors, friends, and family. Approximately 200,000 children are abducted by family yearly; 58,000 by nonfamily, primarily with sexual motives.